Business continuity, the technological choices to be made. Agomir’s suggestions.

Citing expressions like Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity usually brings to mind large industrial plants, pharaonic organizations and extremely complex IT architectures. Structures that cannot and must never stop, on pain of congestion of processes, with heavy damage to turnover. A legacy due to the fact that until a few years ago, especially large companies were those with a level of digitization such as to feel exposed in the event of malfunctions in terms of Information Technology.

But above all, still until a few years ago, large companies were the only ones to suffer cyber attacks capable of bringing the business to its knees. Today, as many know, this is no longer the case. Digital tools are the basis of any activity and process in any type of company: from the commercial area to production, passing through HR and marketing. And whatever – we repeat: any – business is potentially in the sights of cybercriminals. Whether it’s opportunistic attacks or targeted initiatives, it matters little: data theft or ransomware operations are now on the agenda. The damage suffered in terms of intangible assets – patents, know-how, intellectual property and customer registries – more and more often adds precisely the possibility of being forced to stop the company machine.

“The advent of Industry 4.0, with the introduction of connected objects also in small and medium-sized enterprises, begins to seriously pose the problem of the dependence of machinery on data”, explains Antonio Maggioni, IT Architect of Agomir, a company specialized in solutions of Backup, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity. “If the data is compromised or if the information flow is interrupted, there is the possibility of running downtime with considerable damage to production”.

That’s why the need for an always-on business is no longer just the prerogative of the more structured organizations, but of anyone who has decided to focus on Smart Manufacturing. Maggioni specifies that “Industry 4.0 is not considered to be limited to connecting machinery to the LAN. A company is truly 4.0 if all the data collected converges towards the management systems, which help operators manage production and maintenance procedures in a data-driven perspective and with a predictive approach “. Also on this side there are several cases.

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